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Hi MazeMelissa. Thank you for responding. That is great information and I will start using the estrogen cream at the entrance prior to dilating and not insert the cream all the way back but more in the middle when applying the prescribed amount. There seems to be two places that are hard to get through; right after the opening and then a little further back. It will be a challenge for me because I have yet to be comfortable touching myself and in fact have never done that. Do you think it would be helpful to purchase the largest dilator and work with that one once I am able to accomplish the medium and large one without using lidocaine and insertion is not painful? I have been dilating with lidocaine prior to intercourse ever since the procedure. It would be so nice to get to a point where I don’t need to dilate because it makes intimacy non-intimate and more like a job. 🙁 I had been wondering if part of my problem is due to post menopause and being too dry. Your information made alot of sense. I so wish I knew if it was one or the other or both. Also I’m wondering if I should try the laser treatment. Would it be possible to do both the Botox treatment and the laser treatment at the same time? Living in Arizona makes traveling to New York expensive but definitely worth it but financially I wouldn’t be able to go three times in a year. Thanks again for getting back to me it means alot to me.