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Hi Mikaela97 – so I’m NOT a doctor but i think I can field a couple of these questions. I think for most people that since their vaginismus is more generalized to the tensing of all their muscles, it doesn’t USUALLY happen that a particular side of the vagina (like the top) will hurt more than the other parts, it’s more general pain with insertion. It definitely sounds like you’ve developed a kind of secondary vaginismus as a result of having so much existing vaginal pain, which I imagine is associated with your other conditions. It is very normal for the amount of vaginal pain and discomfort you feel to change throughout the month based on your cycle, so more pain during your period is very normal.

Sorry I can’t address more of your specific queries but I’m hoping one of the forum’s doctors will weigh in. And you are really brave for working through so much pain at such a young age so you should be really proud of yourself! Good luck with continuing your treatment and dilating and keep asking questions as you have them – we’re here to help!