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Wow. I know how you feel. I actually went to the doctor today and she tried to perform a pap smear and it didn’t go well. I broke down and started crying because it hurt soooo bad. Everytime they try to put that inside of me, it is unbearable!! They need to come up with something else to check for cervical cancer because I just can’t do it. I was just looking up how i can do a pap smear under sedation or something. I’m so glad I happened to come across your story! That would be a LIFESAVER for me. Everyone says its just uncomfortable, but it’s seriously not. It hurts sooo bad. The doctor suggested that I try to put it in myself and I tried.It just wouldn’t go in!! When she tried to put it in, I kept moving my legs and everything.Then the doctor was like stop saying your sorry just do it, like cmon I’m seriously trying here. I’m not trying to make you mad, but it hurts too much. I was screaming it hurt so bad. I’m kinda wondering why she just didn’t get the cells off my cervix if she saw that my cervix was bleeding like I went through all that for nothing today. After I felt so bad, embarrassed, confused and hurt. I felt like a big baby because I couldn’t do the damn “simple” exam.I must have a condition or something because that shit hurt. Why would I want to go back and go through that again?!!! She told me to come back in a year and gave me a speculumm so I could practice. I felt so disapointed in myself too, I almost was able to get it done with and I didn’t…It was so stressful. Can you please let me know what do I have to do to find someone that will do my pap under sedation??