There are as many different lubricants as there are types of … shampoos. And like shampoos, everyone ends up with their very own favorite that she feels committed to, and that she believes is better than the rest. So how do you find that perfect lube? There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind: 

  1. Some lubricants are not latex compatible, so they will not be a good choice if you are using condoms. 
  2. If you are prone to yeast infections, you will want to stay away from lubricants that contain glycerin.

Flavored lubricants can also be fun way to enhance your love life! You can check out the brands Kama Sutra and O’My for some great choices. Believe it or not they come in all kinds of nifty flavors like Piña colada and mango orange as well as the good oldies like cherry and vanilla! Keep in mind that many flavored lubricants can contain glycerin, so if you're prone to yeast infections, please be sure to read the ingredients before use.  So get out there and find yourself a lubricant that works. Keep it by your bed and enjoy!

Coconut Oil Based Lubricants


All natural and preservative free! Do not use with latex condoms. We would also suggest using a towel to protect your sheets from oil spots. 


This is a coconut oil based lube that does not contain alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phylates, fragrances, or dyes. Do not use with latex condoms. This lube also makes a great massage oil! 

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are latex condom friendly! They also tend to get sticky, which is something that should be kept in mind when choosing a lubricant. 


This lube is made with guava bark and sea kelp. It is also free of parabens & glycerin. 


This is a great choice for sensitive skin! It is unflavored, unscented, and smooth to the touch. 

Silicone Based Lubricants


If you're looking for a silicone based lube that is unscented, flavorless, safe to use with latex condoms, and no spermicide then this is the lube for you! 

Water - Silicone Hybrid Lubricants

Hybrid water and silicone based lubes are creamy, have staying power, and can be used with latex condoms. 


If you want the water-silicone hybrid version of Sliquid, make sure to look for the purple label. This is a non-staining, unscented, unflavored lube that is also glycerin and paraben free. It can be used safely with latex, rubber, and plastic. 


This lube has no added preservatives, fragrances, or flavoring, It can be used safely with latex, rubber, and plastic.