I Love Female Orgasm

By Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller, 2007

This book separates itself from the crowd because it’s clear, easy to access, and full of practical and helpful suggestions.

Becoming Orgasmic – a Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women

By Heiman & LoPiccolo, 1988

This is one of the classic books on overcoming orgasmic difficulty. It includes an introduction to the female anatomy, relaxation exercises and step-by-step instructions.  Some patients, however, may find it elementary or too formal in its approach and it is a bit dated.

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman: Sexual Secrets Every Woman Should Know

By Chia & Abrams 2010   

This book offers down-to-earth and clear descriptions of ways women may enjoy sensual and  sexual pleasure. The focus is on pleasure and not just on orgasm or multiple orgasms. The combination of Eastern and Western information and exercises will help women to enjoy sexual health across the board.