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@ Alyx, welcome to the forum and I loved reading your post. Thank you so, so much for sharing your story with us. You have gone through so much and deserve sincere congratulations on your tremendous success! You wrote “I’ve been through 1 primary care, 1 gyn, 2 physical therapists, craniosacral therapy, 2 talk therapists, 1 psychologist, and 2 marriage counselors … I truly felt as though having this procedure was my last stand, so to speak.” Alyx, this was such a powerful statement to read and just inspires me so much to keep spreading the word about vaginismus. Like you and so many other women in this forum and women who have vaginismus in general, we have gone to countless doctors and clinicians who don’t understand the condition. I can’t speak enough about how refreshing and wonderful it was to meet Dr. P, a doctor who “got it” and really did understand everything about vaginismus and the anxiety that goes along with it. By talking openly about it and through research, we can all work together to educate doctors and clinicians so no women has to go through this. You also wrote “I’m currently working on transitioning with my hubby.” Have faith that you will get there Alyx and I encourage you to read Dr. P’s blog yesterday about the transition from dilators to intercourse. Also, in Daily Questions, I provided some tips on my transition from dilators to intercourse. Ladies, do you have any specific suggestions? What worked for you? Please post some of your ideas and suggestions in Daily Questions#2. Thank you so much for writing Alyx and I look forward to reading your posts.