In a recent post, Dr. Pacik commented on the Botox treatment program under anesthesia. Specifically, he wrote:

“My experience is that when women have long term vaginismus and in addition do not respond to pelvic floor physiotherapy, the best course is to come to the US and have the Botox treatment under anesthesia. The anesthetic removes the fear and anxiety related to penetration allowing the woman to continue her dilation after she wakes up. This is often a turning point and a likely successful outcome.”

I personally was terrified of being under anesthesia pre-procedure. To help with this, I talked and listened to Dr. Pacik and Ellen explain the incredible safety of this and I trusted them completely. I also had my hubby right there with me and he assured me it would be fine. But, like anything, the number one thing that helped was actually doing it and then waking up completely fine and vaginismus free. This was my best evidence that the anesthesia was safe. Without being under anesthesia, I don’t believe the procedure would’ve worked at all. At my one past attempt at a gynecological exam, I had such high anxiety that I almost passed out and could not even let the doctor near me (felt like jumping off the table, legs tightly involuntary closed, extreme dizziness). By being under anesthesia for this procedure and waking up with a dilator in place, for the first time I mentally knew I was not broken and something could be inside of me pain-free. Thereafter, I got used to this and it entirely changed my way of thinking and very soon after, my husband and I were able to make love. Again, I don’t believe this would’ve been possible based on my extreme level of anxiety without being under anesthesia for this procedure.

What were your own experiences with anesthesia for your vaginismus treatment? What would you say to future patients reading this right now?