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Update: I have had sex successfully with minimal discomfort twice. It’s definitely easier than it used to be, but I always make sure to use astroglide just in case since the amount of wetness still isn’t as much as it was before (although its definitely improved). I haven’t been able to have sex like anyone would expect traditionally, it has to be deep penetration, very little pulling back out — because deep inside it doesn’t hurt, but toward the opening I’m oversensitive. If he pulls out too much it is definitely still a problem. But my bf is okay with this minimal pulling out kind of sex and so I think I’ll stick to it till I adjust more. It’s still sex, just less involved with the outside. lol
Either way. I’m managing. It’s not perfect but its better than before byfar.
My moods are mostly stable still, but I do have some random meltdowns sometimes. (two small ones) but I was a little unstable before birth control anyway (mostly in high school).
I’m definitely better off, dunno if it will take until another period or so for down there to be even better off, or if this is just what I’ve got to get used to.. but with my bf being so open minded I’ll be cool with it either way.