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From my wife’s log for Day #4 post-procedure:

I dilated with pure Surgilube and no Lidocaine. We had intercourse with Surgilube as a lubricant, but there was still a slight “brick wall” during the time he ejaculated, after which I had my first very good orgasm, though! Next time I will dilate to a #6 before intercourse.

My update to Dr. Pacik:

It’s clear that the Botox is doing something for the three muscles you injected, because we tried intercourse again yesterday [Day #5 post-procedure], and she didn’t dilate beforehand at all; it didn’t go as well as when she dilated up to the #5, though. That diagram in your paper [see above] showed a 4th muscle closest to the cervix. This muscle seems to be what is still creating the slight “brick wall”. I bet more dilating will help with that.

She is making incredible progress, considering she apparently was Dr. Pacik’s first patient unable to reinsert any dilator on the day of the procedure!