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Geremia, thanks so much for posting this! It is so important to hear from the men who also suffer from vaginismus and who are there wholeheartedly for their partners! I am glad you sent those emails to your medical friends, and hopefully they can spread the word. I am so pleased that your wife is progressing and that you both had a pleasant [enough] experience at Dr. Pacik’s office! My boyfriend had a very similar experience to you in the exam room, and he said he was freaked out when my legs were twitching during the procedure even though I was under anesthesia, but that the nurses made sure to let him know I was fine. He learned a lot and had a great understanding (and appreciation) for what I was going through. Best of luck to you both! You WILL get through this! I am a secondary vaginismus patient and had my procedure on 6/16 and successfully dilate to 6 glass everyday, and my boyfriend and I were able to have sex within 3 weeks. The pain was a 2, which freaked me out because I thought it would barely hurt and was surprised, but compared to the 9-10 I used to have, I’d say that’s a great start!