Dr. Pacik

Valentine’s Day Successes
Another wonderful week at the clinic. Three ladies and their mates from diverse backgrounds, and from around the US, celebrated Valentine’s Day (one of whom also celebrated her birthday) were treated for their vaginismus. All made astounding progress and two of the patients inserted their own GYN speculums during a mock GYN exam, something they never thought they could do.
This week marked another success, the delivery of our glass dilators to make dilation more comfortable. Three sizes identical to the Pure Romance purple #4, pink #5 and blue #6 are now available through our office. Because they are 1/2 the length of the pink dilator they are much more comfortable. It is easy to walk around with these in place and sleeping is more comfortable. Two of our women tested them overnight, and they were a hit. Gone is the disc which rubs against the inner thighs, replaced with a flange that looks like the brim of a hat. These are now available through the office. They are made of tempered glass and can withstand 2000 pounds per square inch, therefore do not break even if they fall on a floor. They are very smooth and easy to insert.
The dilators are the result of a collaboration between Shellie form Crystal Delights, Ellen and myself , designing what we felt was needed and was missing from other designs. These dilators are made in New Hampshire by a local glass blower. More can be read http://www.vaginismusmd.com/?s=crystal