Dr. Pacik

Emily has been great to work with and moved right along with all my suggestions. I asked her to comment on the complications she experienced with the Botox because nothing should be left unsaid. She did have a complication, and I have no idea where or how the Botox was injected. In my own series of 150 patients I have had two cases of minor stress incontinence (loss of a few drops of urine with straining) both of which resolved after four months. I have had NO major complications from the Botox, and my patients continue to be successful in well over 90% of those treated. The Botox treatment program for vaginismus takes into account many facets to help overcome vaginismus. These include well placed Botox injections into the spastic muscles, progressive dilation under anesthesia, supervised dilation in the recovery area, post procedure counseling, and careful follow up and support for as long as possible after the treatment. When any of these elements are omitted, there is less likelihood for success. Read Julisa’s story.
http://www.vaginismusmd.com/stories/success-in-51-days/ She was treated twice with Botox, both times without any post procedure support.