Hi Emily and welcome to the forum. Thank you so, so much for sharing your story with us. You wrote “I have experienced 24 years of pain, guilt, embarrassment, and sadness due to vaginismus.” I’m so very sorry that you had to experience this. I, too, spent several years of my life suffering with this condition in silence and telling absolutely nobody how truly horrible I felt about it. This is exactly why I feel so strongly about advocating and doing whatever I can do to spread the word about vaginismus and Dr. Pacik’s treatment program. I would love for it to become so well known that women no longer have to go to numerous different doctors and clinicians as we had to.

You also wrote about the birth of your son. One of the most common vaginismus myths that I have heard of is that it would simply disappear with childbirth. This, again, is just that – a myth created by uninformed doctors and clinicians who truly do not understand the condition of vaginismus.

You also wrote “thankfully, I had not given up and that thin thread of determination lead me to Dr. Pacik.” This is so, so touching and so wonderful to read. Your determination paid off in the ultimate way!!!

You further described the progressive dilation treatment program and wrote “I knew in my heart that I would have success with the dilators and Dr. Pacik believed in me 100% … Dr. Pacik was very supportive and helped me not get discouraged when I would feel any burning sensations after dilations … I am 8 months into my dilation treatment and have progressed to using the largest 2 dilators without pain … I have even achieved pain free intercourse a few times!” This is so, so wonderful to read and my sincere CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous success! You have overcome so much and, again, your story is very, very inspirational and touching. I look very forward to reading more of your posts!