Hi everyone! Today was such an amazing day that I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming! Successful penile penetration on today Day 18 Post Procedure!!!! I just can not believe that I was finally able to have intercourse without pain after almost 8 years of marriage with no penetration! I dilated overnight with the purple and emailed Dr. P to find out a schedule that I could follow in the morning in order to try penetration. Since I started my menstrual last weekend I had to push my plans to try back a whole week. On Day 2 after my procedure when talking to Dr. Pacik he told us that penetration is a lot easier in the mornings because you would have dilated with the purple overnight and in the mornings, you can dilate to the pink and the blue if possible (I have not been able to dilate to the blue yet). Also mornings are good because the male is already erect which will allow transitioning to intercourse a whole lot easier. Since I had just restarted my dilating schedule on Wednesday, I was worried that I would not be able to dilate to Big Blue by the weekend and that would not make it extremely difficult to have penile penetration. So I emailed Dr. P last night explaining my situation and my plans to attempt penetration today. Him being the wonderful and caring doctor that he is, he emailed me back the same day with a plan for the morning! I was so surprised and thrilled to receive an email because I knew that he would guide me in the right direction. (side note: You might ask how can you be so forthcoming with the doctor but he is like no doctor you have ever met. He knows the condition inside out and he is the perfect person to guide you through this condition to success!) The plan was to wake up and dilate to the pink for an hour before trying intercourse. Keep the pink in until you are ready to insert the erect penis. He also told me to have fun with the process and try to relax as much as possible because that would make the attempt be a success. So I woke up early dilated from the purple that I had in overnight to the pink for an hour and 30 min. I then woke up my husband and he was ready to go! 🙂 We tried different positions like when I am dilating first in the squatting position (that did not work) then to the missionary (that did not work) and finally to the doggy-style (which ended in a success)!!!! It is so much better than a dilator! We kept it in for about 5 minutes and he did do so thrusting but it was all pain free!!! I just could not believe it! Pointers to remember: 1. Everyone is different and may not be able to dilate to the blue beforehand so don’t worry just make sure that you dilate for at least an hour with one of the larger dilators; 2. Trust Dr. P and communicate with him about your plans, anxieties, questions and remember to email your dilation logs so that he knows where you are in the process and it also keeps you accountable; 3. Trust yourself and your partner, relax and try to have fun. I could not have done this without my husband who made sure that I was comfortable at the different positions. If it doesn’t work in one position try another! Just don’t give up and it will happen for you!!! Thanks Dr. Pacik and your entire team! You have helped change my life forever!!!!