Cherryblossom123, what an amazing story! I am SO excited and happy for you that you were able to have pain-free intercourse just 1 month after the procedure, what a great birthday gift! Your story, like many of ours, is heartbreaking and I am so thrilled you are on the “other side” of it now. It can only go up from here! I had my procedure 2 weeks after you, and am successfully dilating to a #6. My boyfriend and I have yet to try intercourse, but are planning to as soon as possible. We do not live alone and find it hard to find alone time, and are both always tired at the end of the day (but who isn’t?!) but we will be trying for intercourse soon! I have been diligent with dilating and truly feel a difference. I am so excited for the next chapter! As for wearing tampons, they are just THE BEST. I thankfully was always able to wear tampons even with vaginismus, and I agree with KatieG07 that Tampax Pearl are the BEST! Sure tampons will take some getting used to but you’ll get the hang of it quickly! I am not sure if Tampax is available in Ireland or what kind of other tampons there are, but hopefully you can try them out because I won’t use anything else! Of course, as we know, every vagina is different so maybe a different tampon will be better for you, but thats my 2 cents on tamps! I truly enjoyed reading your story, cherryblossom123 and I hope you continue to have success! The support you have from your mother is untouchable and so helpful. Happy Dilating! 🙂