Hello All!

I just wanted to send along this additional note of encouragement and gratitude…

Two years ago today, my husband and I met Dr. Pacik for the first time — and his procedure changed our lives.

Like so many on this forum, I was completely unable to have sex with my husband. At 39 + and two years married, I felt utterly frustrated, misunderstood, and isolated. Thanks to Dr. Pacik and his team, after just a few weeks post treatment and dilation, we were able to have pain-free sexual relations. Absolutely incredible.

Today I am adding one additional post-script: my husband and I are now six months pregnant…. awaiting a baby girl this September. The miracle continues : )

For anyone questioning this procedure, take this to heart. Fear not!

May you know all that life can offer…. !

Thank you, Dr. Pacik!! – Mary Jo “Catherine” Casilio