It is a miracle I had my procedure less than 30 days ago and I have already been able to insert the Pink Dilator #5 pain free. My case was closed at Pelvic Sexual Health Institute because there was nothing more they could do for me. I had two options to get botox injections or to have the entrance of my vagina removed. I was very scared to get the botox injections , but i am glad I did. I had one of the worst cases of vagismus, the doctor wasn’t even sure he would be able to help me. He was actually surprised with my progress. He thought i was going to be really difficult. I actually cried right before going into the operating room. Once I got out of the operating room i had the largest size dilator placed in me. Later on we worked down with the dilators. I really struggled with the nurse trying to insert the purple dilator into the opening. I was in alot of lot pain and I was scared. The next day when i went back to the doctor’s office we working with dilators and I had a hard time trying to get the dilator in plus I was really nervous. The doctor ended up pushing the sm.blue dilator in the opening. Again I was crying, but he told me I would only feel the pain in the beginning and then it would go away.