Yesterday, on day 264 post botox procedure I was able to have pain free intercourse. My husband and I are over the moon and sooo excited!! Here are some details of my journey. I am a menopausal, secondary vaginismus patient of Dr. Pacik’s and had the botox procedure in Dec., 2012. My husband and I had intercourse on day 19 & 25 post procedure, but it was painful for me. Up to that point I had built up to dilating for one hour with pink #5 without pain. I had tried #6 without success. I realized that, for me, I would have to build up slowly dilating with #6 to have comfortable intercourse. I struggled with this for months and my self-confidence plunged. Was I ever going to be able to build up to #6? Slowly it became more comfortable for me, until finally I was able to dilate successfully with #6 for one hour without pain. Now I had the self confidence to try intercourse again with my husband. We both decided that if our attempt was unsuccessful, we would keep trying and we should just give it a go. Right before intercourse, I dilated with #4 for 15 mins., then #5 for one hour and finally #6 for one hour. Immediately after that we had intercourse. Penetration was so easy this time and completely pain free!! I really could not believe it! Me being on top helped with my self confidence as I could control the amount and intensity of the thrusting. We built up to medium thrusting without any problem or pain. One of the things I have learned on this journey is to NEVER give up. It doesn’t matter how many months it takes to reach your goal, keep trying and you will be successful! I’m so grateful that I can now have a complete, intimate closeness with my husband again. 😀

I want to thank Dr. Pacik and his team for all their encouragement, kindness and support. I am so grateful to have found you. Hugs! 🙂