Congratulations Catherine!!!! Both me and my husband are so proud of you two! It has been a great journey knowing that we have connected with other couples who have experienced our story and have victoriously overcome vaginismus!!! I want to encourage you and every woman who is either in the early stages of getting comfortable with intercourse or who is just reading the forum and still suffering with vaginismus. This is the procedure that will change your life forever! Not only do you overcome vaginismus but you are able to communicate a lot better as my dear friend Catherine so poetically comented on. I can’t thank Dr. Pacik and his entire team enough for all that they have done and the friendships and bonds we have discovered on this road of recovery. Keep moving forward Catherine and dont get discouraged! Your relationship is developing daily with not only sex but also a deeper level of communication which is key. Keep me posted on your future endeavors and I wish you and your hubby the best! Much love to you.