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Wow! I’m just seeing this and I think that you’re the bravest person ever! I have my moments where I want to do something like this but always chicken out (my family still doesn’t even know!). You deserve some sort of medal for being strong enough to reveal something so very, very private in such a very public way. I think I have found my new hero. 🙂 All the best to you and your hubby on this new chapter in your lives. 🙂

I must say 2 things jump out at me from all the comments from your family/friends: 1). How supportive everyone is!!! and 2). How at least 2 other people are familiar with this! We are so programmed to think this is hush-hush and nobody knows about it but the fact that 2 out of roughly 25 people are familiar with this just blows my mind!!!! I know the very first person I told was a co-worker who used to be a social worker in her prior career; she knew all about V and even reached out to former co-workers in that field to see if they knew of cure. The second person I told was also familiar with it since her aunt had it!! Again, here I thought I was a weirdo and had this problem nobody else knew anything about and then to have 2 people tell me they were familiar with it just completely blew me away.

Maybe one day V will be something that is as easily and openly discussed as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and erectile dysfunction. Kudos to you for doing your part and spreading the word. 🙂