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Hi Nakitalab. We used the sex smart films for Sensate Focus Exercises immediately post-procedure. It’s a wonderful way of building even more trust with your partner/hubby. We practiced through four basic stages, including:

Stage 1 Each partner spends about 30 minutes caressing the other’s naked body, head to toe and front and back, except for the genitals and breasts. The emphasis is on the “giver” touching in a way that he or she enjoys. The aim is to focus on each sensation and the reaction to it. If this is too much too soon, couples can start with simple hand-holding or back rubs.

Stage 2 The couple repeats the exercise from Stage 1, except this time the “receiver” tells the giver what kind of touching he or she wants and gives direction on what’s most enjoyable.

Stage 3 The couple expands the exercise from Stage 2 to include touching of the genitals and breasts, but not exclusively. The focus remains concentrating on sensations and expressing wants and pleasures without the goal of orgasm.

Stage 4 The couple now may engage in mutual touching and stimulation to the point of orgasm, including intercourse if mutually desired.

Has anyone else tried Sensate Focus Exercises with their partner? Did it help to further build trust?