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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am 20 years old. I have had secondary vaginismus for two years, I recently got the procedure done about two weeks ago.
It all started when I got a diaper rash by using Always feminine pads. That night my boyfriend and I where going to have sex, but as he was about to enter me, it hurt so bad and caused me to flinch. Ever since that day, my body associated sex with pain and would tense up every time . My Vaginismus wasn’t bad at all at the time. It was just a little tensing up, my legs would get tired just because I was so tense; but that was about it. We where still able to enjoy sex, it was just taking a bit longer for him to fully be inside of me, and I would just have to keep reminding myself to relax. I got tired of me reacting like that, so I looked up the symptoms on google, found out it was Vaginismus, and went to my gyno. I explained to her what I had and she just stared at me, ” it’s probably just a yeast infection,” she said. In my head I thought, she’s a doctor, she knows everything, she is probably right besides I am just a normal person what do I know? As I laid down on the bed she looked at me and said, “Are you sexually active?” I said yes, but that lately I had been tensing up and had been experiencing burning and may have Vaginismus. She looked at her nurse and said “Give me the larger speculum” She began to insert it, my butt lifted off and my legs closed; I began to cry. She looked at me and said “You have to relax, you have to relax” She didn’t even give me any time she just pushed my stomach down and forced the dilator inside of me. Since then my Vaginismus became its worst.
Two years later, I received my Cosmopolitan in the mail. I read the article and found Dr Pacik. If it wasn’t for that, it may have taken me longer to have found him or not find him at all. I got my procedure 2/7/12. I am able to dilate daily without any pain. My boyfriend Juan and I have not tried intercourse yet. I am really nervous and scared to try it, I think that’s why we haven’t attempted it…