Hi sunfish. Thank you so much for your posts and welcome to the forum. I honestly think I was nervous about everything pre-procedure. LOL. If this came up, it really helped to know that Dr. Pacik involves your partner (husband/fiancé) in every step of the process. You both can choose how involved you want him to be but he is even invited to put on scrubs and be present in the actual procedure room with you. Another excellent thing, is all of the staff are female and to me, it felt like they graduated from the college of making patients less anxious. They all together work with Dr. Pacik as a team and just made my husband and I feel entirely comfortable with every step of the process. Finally, as you’ve probably read in other areas of the forum and from other treated patients, Dr. Pacik truly is a doctor like no other. In addition to being one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever met, he is also the most knowledgeable about the condition of vaginismus and the patients that have endured this condition. He knows in advance that his vaginismus patients will be especially anxious and just has a special way about him and knowledge in working with them. I was one of the most anxious patients pre-procedure and after working with Dr. Pacik and his staff, my anxiety seriously disappeared and I felt very comfortable. I hope this helps you.

Ladies, what other advice do you have???