Janet Pacik

Michael, I am deeply touched by your post. I know that this is difficult, but hopefully you will be able to read Heather’s letter to your wife. I did some research and you might want to follow the links below. Our blog “Vaginismus: A Man’s Perspective” was written by Dr. Pacik trying to encourage men to become active. In the Forum Category “For the Men” there are many topics you can click onto. I have also included one of the Forum Thread titled “Advise” which will be helpful to you.

Dr. Pacik and I feels strongly that vaginismus is a couple issue and sometimes the woman needs the help and encouragement of her husband to get started in the process of treatment. We have forms (questionnaires) that you and your wife can fill out so that Dr. Pacik could evaluate her condition to see if she is a candidate for the Botox treatment program plus progressive dilation under anesthesia. If you would like me to send you more information on the Botox treatment program plus the questionnaires, please let me know. If you wife is unable to fill the forms out, maybe you can help her to fill them out. Many of our men do that for their wives. After Dr. Pacik’s evaluation of the forms, he would offer you a complimentary telephone call or a skype call to discuss the treatment and to answer any questions you might have. Just a thought.


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