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Dr. Pacik

Hi Pumpkin
I’m so happy you re-posted your story. As you point out there are many failures of vaginismus treatment along the way, seeing therapists that are unable to help while watching your and your partners libido going downhill. Little wonder everyone arrives for treatment like a bundle of nerves. The more severe the vaginismus, the more failed treatments, these all equate to feelings where hope becomes lost. We are well aware of these challenges and routinely provide some sedation often even before going into the operating room. Working with an anesthesiologist has made my life easy as well as the lives of the patients. The treatment is completed before you know it. The often five hours of counseling the next day allows women to make quantum leaps in both their understanding of vaginismus and their own progress with dilators, something that was impossible just days before.

I would love to hear from our other dilating divas. How can you advise women coming in for treatment? How is it possible to overcome the high anxiety so prevalent in this community of women? Did you wake up with your large dilator in any pain? How rapidly do you feel you made progress? These are the common questions I am asked. I would love the others to weigh in.