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Hi cbradbury. I wanted to share an excellent Blog from Dr. Pacik regarding tips for getting unstuck and advancing with the dilators:


Excerpts include:

“It really can take much time and patience before you see any progress as it did for me. Even now I still have to use the dilator before I have intercourse because my muscles still have to adjust and get used to the stretching. Kegel exercises can really help even if you do them throughout the day when you are not dilating. I’m not sure what the environment is like when you are using the dilator but a good distraction can help, for example having the TV on or having your partner sit and chat with you. In the early stages of using the smallest dilator I made sure my husband sat with me so we could have a chat, it completely took my mind away from I was doing and before I knew it the dilator had gone in. Sometimes a relaxing room with dim lighting and gentle music can put TOO much focus on what you are trying to achieve and have the opposite effect. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone I guess it depends on the person. For me I found that concentrating too much didn’t help. Remember when you feel that sharp pain like your hitting a brick wall don’t push yourself to go further but don’t stop either, just hold the dilator in place until that pain becomes less and less. When you are feeling more comfortable just progress a little further. Even if it takes you all day it’s worth it.”

I hope this helps and send my support. :):):)