@ Versha, congratulations on your upcoming procedure in March. It will truly be “life-changing” for you! You wrote about uninformed doctors telling you to “just relax, it’s all in your head, have a drink.” This sounds so similar to doctors and clinicians that I met in the past who truly did not understand vaginismus at all. It was very frustrating and humiliating. It was seriously so wonderful and amazing to find Dr. Pacik and meet people who “get” the condition and understand that it doesn’t just go away by trying to will yourself to relax. I also love your statement “I really do hope that we can bring more awareness to this issue so that other women do not continue to suffer unnecessarily.” This is my sincere hope as well and the more we all work to get the word out about vaginismus, the more likely we are to help women from all over the world and to prevent their further suffering. I’m very impressed that more is finally being said about vaginismus in the media (even in the latest November issue of Cosmo) but still think that so much more needs to be done to spread the word about the realism of the condition and the fact that there is a treatment out there that works!

@ Steph, I promise you that the anesthesia is not bad at all and the whole procedure only takes between 15-20 minutes. Also, the anesthesiologist is super friendly and a genuinely nice guy.