@e- the vaginismus has definitely taken its toll on my self esteem and how i feel about myself in general. It’s also very hard on my relationship at times. There was a time where me and my boyfriend did nothing but argue all the time…we were pretty much at our breaking point. Things have now gotten better which is always a good thing, just i know its not only me its affecting. Its really reassuring that someone close to my age knows exactly how I feel and hearing all of the success stories makes me even more excited for the procedure.
@heather- I’m really glad that the anesthesia doesnt sound as bad as I’m thinking it will be. Im still extremely nervous about it, but I’ll deal with it to get the procedure done.
@Versha- I have thought about it. I still have to sign up for the whole payment options thing and to see what other options there are for me. Its something that me and my boyfriend have to sit down and look through everything together to see if we are able to afford a good amount payment plan each month.