Hello. I was just reading all of these posts and i can completely relate to the fear and worries. I had the procedure done on January 11th and came from Europe to have it done. I was very afraid and did not know what to expect. It was so much better and easier than i thought, and most of all painless. I am realising now even more how great the whole program is. How much it has helped me psychologically and physically. The fact that there are two other women nearby going through the same makes it an incredible experience. I felt that i could see myself in these women and it really helped the part of me that thought i was “abnormal” in some way. Anyway, my fears were severe and i even cried before the procedure but was comforted and reassured by everyone involved.
I am now back in Europe and the dilating is going very well. I never thought i would be able to insert the largest dilator without any fear or anxiety or pain. But it is happening and i feel like i have conquered the world although i have not tried intercourse yet but will soon. If you have severe vaginismus i would completely reccomend this program over many others because it is easier and one is in very good hands. Dr Pacik is brilliant, very professional, humble, human, and very sensitive. He really cares about his patients and continues to be an incredible support.