Hi Stephanie! I thought i’d respond to you on here because I got the procedure done when I was 21 years old (close to your age). I know how detrimental it can be to someone’s self esteem our age, and how frustrating and isolating it can be. I got the procedure done in July, and have had successful pain-free intercourse ever since I first attempted in August. If this is something you are truly suffering through, I can’t stress enough how much it can change your life. Dr. P and the rest of the doctors make you feel SO unbelievably comfortable going into the procedure, and guide you through everything you need to know with very thorough details. I know it can be scary being put under for the first time, but anaesthesia from what I’ve heard and read about in school is a very safe procedure, and the doctor’s at Dr. P’s really know what they are doing. The doctor’s will bring you into the room and you won’t even remember them administering it, you’ll simply wake up feeling a little funny and loopy. Personally, I like the feeling (I find that I’m a lot more sociable and funny haha). If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. I can’t tell you enough how much of a blessing this procedure is. I wish you SO so much luck!