Hi Annabel,

I had the procedure just over two weeks ago and it has been a success! We managed intercourse on day 11 which is something we never imagined! We have to keep on practicing & dilating to get used to it and make it more natural but this has just been amazing! I’ve made more progress in 2 weeks than I had in 10+ years!
In terms of travelling across, we actually turned this into our main holiday for the year so we bad a week in Boston / new hampshire then a week in the caribean. I found having a second weeks holiday helped as I meant I wasn’t rushing back home & to work, I could relax and spend time on continuing progress. I’m not sure this is what everyone does but I found it helpful.
We flew into Boston on the Saturday & i had the procedure on the Monday. This gave me a couple of nights sleep & a day to get myself adjusted to the new time zone. We spent Sunday sightseeing in Boston & this was great as it kept me busy & my mind off the procedure & also boston seems like a really nice city! We got a Hire car in Boston & it turned out to be really cheap – just $5 a day!! So i would recommend that. We actually got a hotel about 20 miles away from dr pcik’s centre, and this was about $100 (£70-£80) a night which isn’t bad for a nice hotel.
Dr p has a finance option but I’m not sure if this is available to uk folk, but it is worth asking. In total, including the treatment, flights for 2 people, hotels & food you’re looking at about £5k.
This treatment worked well for me. If you have any other questions that I can help with, let me know. Lou