Happy Sunday ladies! I just want to let everybody pre-procedure know that there is nothing to worry about. I had the procedure done 4 months ago, I was so excited the night before that could barely had some sleep. I remember picturing myself post-procedure and being able to dilate and have intercourse, I think that helped lowering any anxiety. Please do try that, I know it will help you. My husband Nicholas and I spent 7 years trying to figure out the reason I was not able to have any kind of penetration, we went to at least 15 different doctors in 3 different states and 2 countries. Nothing helped. When we first found out about Dr. Pacik, we felt that there was hope again! However we kept giving other therapies the chance to help and let another year go by with very little improvement. It was then that we knew we had to try botox. Everything went so smoothly that we just wish we had done this earlier. Good luck to everyone! BTW – Any spanish speakers out there? Feel free to reach me via this forum if you need any help. Language should not be a barrier for you in order to have the opportunity to get the information you need and contact Dr. Pacik so you can as well overcome Vaginismus and change your life in such a positive way. (Si hablas Espanol y necesitas ayuda traduciendo o contactando al Dr., por favor contactame por este medio. No dejes que el idioma sea un impedimento mas para vencer al vaginismo)