Hi ladies. Welcome Amanda, Lou, Tabia, and Alyx to the forum! Thank you so, so much for sharing your stories with us and for your wonderful posts. @ Lou, it is entirely normal to have pre-procedure jitters. To get through this, one of the things that helped me the most was hearing Dr. P say that close to all of his patients feel the exact same way and have a significant amount of anxiety prior to being treated. It also helped to speak to other already treated patients and to read success stories. It truly is LIFE-CHANGING and will work for you!!! It also really helped me to know that I could have anti-anxiety treatment ahead of time and to know that the procedure itself only takes between 15-20 minutes. Also, one more thing that helped both my hubby and I tremendously was the way all of the staff and Dr. P treated us. They were all so welcoming, accepting, and had a special and unique way of making you feel comfortable. We are all here for you every step of the way!!!