Hi everyone,

I’m Alyx and I had the procedure done in September. I’ve been able to dilate up to big blue in 3 months what I couldn’t do in 6 years… I was molested as a child and never realized I had vaginismus until I was married. Could never insert a tampon, have a gyn exam, or any type of penetration whatsoever. Researched by myself and found vaginismus, brought this to my doc and then received a diagnosis. I’ve been through 1 primary care, 1 gyn, 2 physical therapists, craniosacral therapy, 2 talk therapists, 1 psychologist (they said I’d become depressed), and 2 marriage counselors… I truely felt as though having this procedure was my last stand, so to speak. I’m currently working on transitioning with my hubby. I know how some of you feel. I was absolutely petrified to have the procedure, but as someone told me the initial fear is the worst part. I hope to be able to post periodically with my questions and hopefully transition and be able to answer questions too lol. Just know, this procedure works, I promise. I feel like if its working for me, it can work for anyone.

Alyx 🙂