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Hi Bat Sheva. Welcome to the Forum. I absolutely LOVED reading your post and am so, so, so happy that Maze Women’s Sexual Health will be continuing to offer the Botox treatment program for vaginismus. I, along with so many other Forum members, were so very happy and so proud of Dr. Pacik and Janet Pacik concerning their retirement but were also very worried if this procedure would end or be carried on by other groups. It is beyond wonderful and so, so excellent that it will continue. For so many years (all of my 20s and early 30s), I had vaginismus and tried so many different treatments (i.e. dilating alone, pelvic floor PT, etc.) that did not work. It wasn’t until I finally found Dr. Pacik and had the Botox treatment program that I was then able to make love to my husband and now start our family. We both thank God every day for both Dr. Pacik and Janet Pacik and are so happy that this procedure exists and will be continued on by your group. For all of the years mentioned that I had vaginismus, I never shared it with anyone except my husband and the few providers we visited. This was extremely isolating and very difficult. It is for this reason that I love moderating the Forum and have gained so much from talking to and supporting women who currently have vaginismus as well as their husband/partners. I know what it is like and look forward to continuing to moderate the Forum and help in this way. For those members reading this who had your procedure this past year (either with Dr. Pacik or with Maze), huge Congratulations on this accomplishment. For those of you who will have the procedure coming up in November and December of this year as well as in 2016, I know this will be truly life-changing for you! I want you to all know that I am here to support you. To the newbies, please post and introduce yourself and please ask any questions at all that you may have. To the veterans, please continue to share your journeys with all of us, ask questions, and provide needed support. Every single post is meaningful and may be the exact words or the particular question that another member has but is too shy or too afraid to ask. I look so forward to reading your future posts and I, again, am so, so, so, so excited that Maze Women’s Sexual Health will be continuing the Botox treatment program. I want to close with sharing an excellent post from the mother of a forum member who was treated last year with the Botox treatment program for vaginismus.

Specifically, she writes:

“Happy New Year to you and the entire Dr. Pacik team!! Bringing our daughter to you for treatment was the best decision and has been life changing for her. So happy to see her making tremendous progress on overcoming her battle with vaginismus. I can’t emphasize enough that Dr. Pacik’s treatment approach is a viable cure for the 1 to 7% of women suffering from this condition. We are so lucky to have found you and only hope that this treatment approach becomes well known and wide spread so that women (and their partners) no longer have to struggle in silence.”