Hi ladies and Dr. P. This is a very interesting post. I’ve felt embarrassment in the past in relation to my prior vaginismus. I definitely felt very embarrassed in trying to talk to physicians about it as I felt like they were dismissive and didn’t completely understand what I was trying to explain. I also felt embarrassed about discussing it with anyone other than my husband. Post-procedure and once cured from vaginismus, this embarrassment and shyness factor has almost entirely gone away. I feel like the more we all talk about it, the more people will be educated and knowledgeable about the condition. As far as feeling embarrassment about the dilators, I have always done this in the privacy of our home and have found it to be non-embarrassing as it was necessary to stretch the muscles and follow the treatment program. I did, however, feel embarrassed while traveling with dilators as I still find it to be a very personal thing and hate the idea of having to explain it to TSA or others. What have been your experiences here ladies with embarrassment? Again, the more we talk about it, the more people will continue to become educated and knowledgeable about the condition of vaginismus.