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Hi Lotus. You wrote “my whole journey with vaginismus has made me, I think, a better doctor who is more attuned to sexual issues with my patients.” This is an excellent post and so incredibly important. I hope that, together, we can all work to change other physician’s attitudes and lack of knowledge about the condition of vaginismus. I, too, was told to “just relax” or “have a drink” in order to overcome vaginismus by an ob/gyn who didn’t understand that there is also a true physical component to the condition in the form of pain and resistance. I actually hadn’t met a doctor who did understand the condition prior to meeting and having my procedure with Dr. Pacik. I, again, believe that so much more has to be done to educate clinicians and physicians on vaginismus and think that, together, we are all beginning to break down the walls of silence that has surrounded it for so long. Excellent post!!