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Dr. Pacik

The idea of doing a film is always excellent. It is a very meaningful way to tell your story. A patient from 2008 had her husband film the pre-treatment interview in their home. She was able to share how devastated she was not being able to advance after hypnotherapy or sex counseling during the seven years of marriage. We then did a pre-treatment interview in the office, her husband filmed the procedure in the operating room and we did a post treatment interview before she returned home. She then did a weekly self interview on film for the next year outlining her progress. This was posted on YouTube for a year or two which resulted in an enormous number of hits. Later she removed the YouTube.

Kelsie was interviewed on the Tyra Banks show (2009) together with three other women. All were my patients and each made their important contribution to help others understand vaginismus.

Kelsie is the only one in my book whose real name is used. She insisted on this and became an amazing advocate for the many patients who called her for advice. She continues to do well to the present day and has two children. Her story can be read in Ch. 10, p.78 of my book “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy” (2010) available in Kindle or book through Amazon.com or my office.

I spoke to Kelsie recently because of the renewed interest in creating a film on vaginismus. She would love to participate once again. We are thinking of doing a documentary and for this would need to do a number of interviews.

Kelsie has spent a lifetime empowering young girls and stands as a beacon for all she does.