Amanda Miller

My name is Amanda Miller, I’m 28 years old and have been married for 3 years. I have had vaginismus as long as I can remember. Since this isn’t something that you like to talk about I struggled with this for so long in silence. I thought there were truly something wrong with me and the I was never going to be able to have intercourse. I went to OBGYN’s who didn’t know what the problem was, who then referred me to a sex therapy and the Dr kept trying to convince me that something must have happened to me because it isn’t ususal. I never went back to her because I knew that there was something wrong. I then got sent to physical therapy with bio feedback. This help just while I was in the office , as soon as I left I still was unable to do anything different then before. When I switched to my current OBGYN’S he had heard about vaginismus, and said we would work with dilation, I still felt like I was going no where because I was unable to even insert a dilator. Thats when my husband and myself started doing research online and found a website about Botox for vaginismus. After reading it over and over again I felt like this could be my last try for success. So I sent an email and received all my paperwork through email, I was so excited I sent it right back and within 10 mins Dr.Pacik himself called. I was amazed and he made me feel so comfortable and normal, I realized I was not the only one with this problem and that he could cure me. We decided to go through with it and schedule this procedure with Dr.Pacik. We flew from Memphis, TN to NH. the day of my procedure was Dec 12,2011, I was nervous for it but I relaxed once I met all the staff and the comfort they gave me. When I came back from the procure with the biggest dilator in, I was in complete shock, I was normal and it can happen 🙂 the next day when we came in we worked on dilating and learning about our bodies. On day 8 after my procedure my husband and I finally were able to have intercourse. That was something that I never thought I could do. I of course am sticking to the dialting schedule that was giving to me but being able to have intercourse has changed my life and my relationship with my husband. I am so thankful that I took the chance and went and did this procedure because without it I would still be sitting in silence and feeling alone. I now can scream from the rooftop that I am cured and it was all thanks to Dr.Pacik and his woeful staff. If anyone has anything they want to ask me about the procedure or the aftermath please d not hesitate to ask, I am definitely here to help anyone. 🙂