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Hi Leslie,

First of all I want to commend you on such great work so far. Getting started is often the hardest part!

I don’t think you have done anything “wrong” or caused any “damage”.

Sometimes a break, even a few days, can cause some back tracking. And that can cause a negative loop with your mind body connection, causing some more tension, anxiety, and then the penetration is more uncomfortable or painful.

I usually recommend going down a few sizes, and restarting the program. Trying to really get your whole body and mind relaxed prior to dilating, and using a size that you have mastered for a while, and then working back up. It could take a few days or weeks to get back to the size you were comfortable using before.

Now there is always a chance that you could have some kind of vaginal injection, like a yeast infection or BV that could be causing some irritation or discomfort, so if you are speaking with your gyn, or having an appt, I would rule that out.

Vaginal infections sometimes just happen, especially with frequent penetration.

If you can’t get back on track with just restarting the program, then I would recommned an eval with a pelvic floor PT, or a specialist in vaginismus, like our office at Maze.

You also sound like a great candidate for the Botox procedure, if you continue to back track every time you take a break.

Hope this helps, keep it up!!