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Most of the people treating me don’t think it’s a soft tissue injury, but that I might have had a pre-existing sensitivity and had an unusual reaction. I feel like if I had figured out something was wrong sooner maybe I could’ve prevented the pain from becoming chronic. I just kept dilating thinking I was doing the right thing. I had no pain with any of the smaller dilators so I had nothing to compare it to. Maybe we could’ve switched to a smaller dilator or a silicone one if I had figured out earlier what was wrong or described better what had happened.

I keep asking my physiotherapist and she doesn’t think I resumed dilation to soon after my pain went away at first, but maybe if I had waited longer or seen my physiotherapist sooner it could’ve been prevented. I also think that the last time it aggravated I should have been more careful and seen my physiotherapist because she told me to use the second then third dilator in the same session which was fine but a few days later the second one was a little more uncomfortable but I used the third anyway not thinking anything was wrong. This made my pain come back for good. I think if I had seen my physiotherapist or not used the third dilator again maybe it wouldn’t have happened. I didn’t think anything was wrong because I had successfully used the third dilator a few days earlier I feel like all my decisions were bad 🙁