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Hello there
I am a woman in her mid-thirties and live in Europe (please excuse me for any mistake with english)

Unfortunately I failed to overcome my problem, due to the fact that my life in general has been messy. I have no will to have sex anymore and i am single. I have biggest worries in life rn

Tried pelvic therapy a decade ago, but was unsuccesful due also to my lack of belief. I was dating the wrong person and quite lost in flacky relationships and lost goals in life in general

I would like, still, to share what i know:
-my vaginismus was influenced by my general life routine
-unrelated (apparently) issues like financial status and general safety did matter A LOT
-general low self esteem (work, goals) had an impact. I wish I checked myself better
-not knowing enough my body and anatomy was a problem :/
-dating random cute guys instead of the only one who seemed to care was a mistake. Cause love and feeling matter

Sorry if this seemed to be negative. I have been very bad in my younger days and i kinda deserve this karma

But I wish all women suffering vaginismus to take a deep breath as a first step
Cause doctors can help but this is… terribly intimate, issue of body and soul