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Sometimes the jumps between one dilator to the next in a set can just be too big.

So maybe you need to find a dilator that is a measurement between your 4 and 5.

Syracuse medical dilators and Soul source silicone dilators can be purchased individually, and they list their circumferences on their websites.

I would measure the circumference of your number 4 and number five, and look for something in between.

Don’t discount all the work you have done to get to size number 4! That is still awesome.

You can try some lidocaine 5% at the entrance to numb the area a bit to help decrease the burning/stinging/stretching pain with penetration with the number five, that could also help.

It’s possible that some of your hymen is still intact, and it might need to tear for the number five to go in…so using the numbing cream could also really help if that needs to happen.