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Today the world remains uncertain, but your sexual health shouldn’t continue to suffer as a result. At Maze, we will work together to develop a plan that not only offers support and relief, but also brings pleasure and excitement to your sex life. Our therapists treat each patient as a unique individual, not a diagnosis. They spend the time getting to know you and your unique concerns and struggles, enabling them to offer customized guidance and support, all delivered virtually.

Not sure what Sex Therapy is or if it’s right for you?
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What Makes Maze Different?

At Maze, we address both the psychological AND physical causes of intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction. Sometimes, emotional issues also have a physical component and if that’s the case, we have medical professionals on staff who can address these with you and recommend treatment options.

Additionally, we offer sex therapy to individuals as well as couples.

What do our patients think about using Telehealth services?

  • They feel safer at home, eliminating additional worry about exposure to germs or viruses
  • No worry about traffic or transportation delays means less stress
  • Not having to drive to and from the appointment is a real time-saver
  • Overall, they feel less anxiety by being able to find a comfortable place in their home to relax and speak freely

The Process & What To Expect

Technology has resulted in incredible advantages to using telehealth, making it completely safe, private and secure. We will work together to navigate through a seamless virtual experience.

The first step is to contact us to schedule your telehealth appointment and ask any questions you may have. You will then receive an email confirmation containing a link to a secure session via Zoom.

"The online appointment was great. I spoke with Dr. Marcus who asked me a lot of questions, some I wasn’t even expecting. She asked about my general history, past experiences with intimacy, my relationships and medications I was currently using. The session was extremely helpful and I am doing so much better now!

- MV, age 31-

Resources You May Find Helpful

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