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What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Treatment for sexual dysfunction varies depending upon individual sexual and medical history, as well as the different manifestations of the problem a patient experiences. Furthermore, the conditions related to sexual dysfunction in women may often overlap. Read some of our patient’s stories — real words from real Maze patients — each of whom came to us with her own physical, medical and emotional situation that contributed to her particular problem with sexual function.

You can also Take Our Sexual Desire Questionnaire

Our Sexual Desire Quiz is a simple quiz that asks about your level of sexual desire in cognitive terms, as opposed to previous measures that used predominantly behavioral methods. With a possible score range from 0 to 101, yours may indicate you’re suffering from low desire, a condition that may be helped by contacting a practitioner who specializes in the medical diagnosis and treatment of female sexual dysfunction. Obviously problems cannot be diagnosed by one questionnaire, but it might help you think about your sexual situation in a thoughtful way, and flag problems if you are having them.

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