Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m the 150th patient. I found out I had vaginismus around December 2010 when I was flipping through my boyfriend’s psychology textbook and I happened to stop at a page that described what vaginismus was. The description sounded really familiar to me, but I thought since I had never heard of it there’s no way I had it. Me and my boyfriend continued trying every once in a while and eventually I realized there was definitely something wrong. So I decided to look up vaginismus on the internet and when I started reading stories about what so many women go through to treat it, I started crying because I not only knew that I had it, but I thought I’d never be able to fix it. At first I thought maybe I’d be able to fix it on my own so we continued to try having sex, but I would only end up crying and it wasn’t getting any better. Then we tried using alcohol because I figured maybe if I’m relaxed enough, it would work. But no matter how many times we tried, it didn’t work and I was getting more and more depressed about it. About half a year after I discovered I had it, I went to a gynecologist and surprisingly she knew what it was, and also had 4 other patients with it. She recommended I use the dilators but I tried them for a couple months beforehand and wasn’t getting anywhere. I continued doing more research on my own and read lots of awful stories about how a lot of gynecologists have gone about treating vaginismus, and I knew there had to be something that would work. Finally I came across Dr. Pacik’s website and read about botox for vaginismus. That was the first time I had ever heard of that being a treatment so I wasn’t sure what to think of it. However when I called the office and asked about it, I talked to Sue and she had an answer to every one of my questions and was very helpful and caring. I decided to ask a different gynecologist about using botox to treat vaginismus and he thought it was too drastic and that I should see a psychologist, but he knew nothing about the procedure and seemed to be very close minded about it, so I decided to look more into it myself. Everything I read made me really hopeful because it seemed to be the only treatment that was a success for so many women. Once I read Dr. Pacik’s book and learned more about the procedure, I knew I had to do it. Everyone that I talked to from the office was so kind and made me feel so comfortable about making the decision. I wanted to make an appointment as soon as possible. I was pretty nervous about the procedure just because I had never been under anesthesia before, but once it was over, I realized I was worrying over nothing. It was so fast and I wasn’t in any pain when I woke up. The next day I practiced with the dilators and it was amazing how I was using the three biggest ones when before the most I could do was the second smallest one. I’ve slept with the purple one in the past three nights, since the day of the procedure. I had been using the dilators every day for an hour in the morning and an hour at night, and last night right after I had finished with the blue dilator, me and my boyfriend decided to attempt intercourse. After about twenty minutes of trying, it worked! I am so glad I decided to go through with the procedure, and I’m thankful that my boyfriend has been there to support me through everything. I also couldn’t have asked for a better doctor or a nicer staff. They made the experience so much easier for me and I hope more women with vaginismus find out about botox so they don’t have to suffer anymore.