@ pratts, Hi there and welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting and sharing your story with us and sincere CONGRATS on your pregnancy! This is so EXCITING!!! You wrote “I am completely terrified that I won’t be able to find a doctor that will understand my vaginismus.” We will help you to not only find a doctor who understands it but is also fully supportive. I wish we could transport Dr. P into all of the states and countries in the world but, because we can’t, we have to work to find other doctors who do understand the condition of vaginismus and also educate them ourselves regarding the condition. I did some research of ob/gyn doctors in your area and The Cleveland Clinic seems to be a very good place. I also read some amazing reviews about Dr. Beri Ridgeway (216-444-6601). I would encourage you to request pamphlets from Dr. Pacik’s office and bring them with you to your appointment. They thoroughly explain just every aspect of the condition of vaginismus very, very well and in detail. Ok, hope this helps as a good starting point. Ladies, what other suggestions and ideas do you have??? Can’t wait to hear more from you pratts and please post often. You wrote “I don’t discuss this with anyone but my husband.” Many of us suffered in silence with vaginismus for years (i.e. not even telling family and closest friends). Please write us about anything at all and know that we are all here for you!!!