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Hi SavannaK98,

The fact that you’ve seeked help and are on your journey of overcoming vaginismus is SUCH a huge step! I truly applaud you for taking that step to go to pelvic floor therapy to help and counseling. I hadn’t been able to put in a tampon before also – I had vaginismus for several years until 2016 (I was 23-24) when I went to Maze’s clinic in NYC and ‘graduated’ from the dilating program!

I think I was a very difficult case – like you, I couldn’t wear tampons from the pain/fear, and the thought of dilating with even the smallest dilator gave me immense fear. The physical portion of the first couple appointments were incredibly nerve-wracking; I was prescribed Xanax to take before each following appointment.

But I got through it in 2016 and if I could do it SO CAN YOU! I definitely had times when I thought I couldn’t go further but I powered through, knowing it would feel so amazing and fulfilling and clear sooooooo much mental energy to not have the ‘weight’ of vaginismus on my shoulders!

So looking forward to reading more about your journey and glad you have taken the first steps! I hope this gives you some inspiration 🙂