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@preciousangel I am extremely sorry for this late reply. Got caught up with some things in life. Dilators are not available in Pakistan. I tried checking websites like Daraz etc. but they didn’t have them either, even Amazon was out of stock. However, in Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad there is a physical therapist who understands vaginismus and treats it with dilators. Moreover, they can also help you buy dilators because they import it from Dubai and can bring one set for you too. It is around 15000 PKR. You can check with them. If you need contact number, I can provide it to you too.
In my case, I could not get dilators from anywhere because of so many issues. So I made my own dilators. It sounds weird but I had to do something. I used different cosmetics bottles of different sizes which were round to dilate. You could use such technique too. Start from a smaller size and then go your way up but remember hygeine is very important so always wash the dilators with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap before and after every use.
If you read this msg, do tell me how you are doing right now. I’d be happy to assist you in your journey. Best of Luck!