I’ve been dealing with a similar problem for a similar timeframe – on birth control for about a decade, started getting a recurrent fissure a couple years ago – and found this forum with the suggestions of stopping BC and starting a topical estrogen cream. But when I mentioned it to my gynecologist, she said birth control shouldn’t cause this and the estrogen cream wouldn’t help because the birth control already has estrogen in it. Are there any resources I could send her that might convince her this is a viable treatment option? Or ways to get the cream without going through my gynecologist? I’ve already stopped my BC – I got a bisalp a year and a half ago so I was really just using the pills to regulate my period – but I’m afraid she won’t go for the hormone cream without evidence.

I’ve also seen some answers suggesting an estrogen cream and some answers suggesting estrogen + testosterone – is there any evidence of one being more effective than the other? It’s been so long since I’ve been able to have sex without stressing out and tearing and I’d really like to get my sex drive back.